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The product is prepared from plasma of healthy donors, purified through cold ethanol fractionation, and produced by inactivating virus through twice warming of 60 Centigrade, 10-hour pre-packing and 60 Centigrade,1-hour post-packing. It is clear, slightly viscous, yellow, green or brown liquid. It contains over 97% albumin, and is free of antiseptic and antibiotic.
(1) Shock caused by blood loss trauma or burn:
(2) Raised intracranial pressure caused by hydrocephalus or trauma
(3) Oedema or ascites caused by hepatocirrhosis and nephropathy
(4) Prevention and cure of low-density-lipoproteinemia
Intravenous infusion or intravenous injection.
Albumin concentration 20%, content: 50ml/bottle, 25ml/bottle, 10ml/bottle
Albumin concentration10%, content:100ml/bottle, 50ml/bottle, 20ml/bottle

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